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Moe's Referral Program

This is NOT an Amsoil program.  
This my personal “Thank You” for referring people to me!

Here is how it works:
  • Refer a New Qualified:
  • Retail Customer or Preferred Customer.            I’ll send you $5
  • Retail store, Commercial business or Dealer.    I’ll send you $10
You can or they can contact me  at   803-465-1044   or  [email protected]
If they call, remind them to give me your name and # so you get the credit.

   New:   has never had an account or not a protected account (generally no purchases in the last 2yrs) and registers through me.
       Retail Customer:  Any one that purchases >$50 from me /
       Preferred Customer:  Registers to purchase product at wholesale & buys >$50
       Retail Accounts: Orders >$100 of product
       Commercial Accounts:  Order >$100 of product
       Dealer: Sets up Amsoil Dealership ($30/yr) and orders >$50 of product

Thank you again for your business, and if I can help you in any way let me know!

Sincerely,  Adam Mosher  aka: Moe Slick